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The LuccaBlu Difference

LuccaBlu laboratory in ChinaWhile forming our partnership with Chengdu Vita Medical Devices, we wanted to ensure our products were made with the highest quality ingredients. We tested other products numerous times and did research to find out why our products are so different from others. The answer……a form of highly concentrated collagen.

Collagen is known as the beauty protein and is essential to our skin. Our team develops products using a special form of collagen that works wonders. Without further adieu, let us introduce you to the team that creates the LuccaBlu difference….

Dr. Wu, our R&D team leader and former chair professor at Sichuan University, has been doing research in the Macromolecule field for over 40 years. He also learned from Nobel Prize Winner P.J. Flory when Dr. Wu was an academic scholar at Stanford University.

Dr. He, our principle engineer and former Chief Process Engineer at Johnson & Johnson, has been studying high-purity collagen extraction for several years. He has two doctorate degrees - one in applied physics and the other in biomedical medicine - from The Ohio State University. Our other R&D members all have majors in Biological Medicine from top universities in China.