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Our Journey

During the spring semester at the University of Utah in 2012, some of the business students were approached about an opportunity to study abroad in China at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu.

There were four students from the University of Utah paired with 10 students from China. All the students took both finance and business communication classes. During downtime, the Chinese students gave the University of Utah students the chance to familiarize themselves with the Chinese culture.

One of the Chinese students had connections with a very successful entrepreneur named Xun Qian. Xun Qian and his family had spent decades growing and developing a skin care product line in China. Xun’s family business is called Chengdu Vita Medical Devices Ltd., and is at the forefront of the beauty industry. Chengdu Vita’s research and passion for the beauty industry is second to none. Their philosophy is to instill self-confidence through healthy beauty practices and products.

Xun expressed interest in expanding his business to the United States. One of the University of Utah students, Ryan Harris, quickly took interest in discussing business opportunities with Xun, as his family also had a successful beauty company called Prim n’ Proper in the United States.

Prim n’ Proper was founded in 1993 by sisters who always had a passion for beauty products. After attending a beauty academy in California and then working in the beauty industry for many years, these sisters worked hard and it paid off. Prim n’ Proper was very successful and their products were sold in local businesses and department stores. In 1997 they took a break to raise their children. As their children are now in college, they have a renewed energy and focus with fresh ideas to implement new products of the highest quality.

Prim n’ Proper seized the opportunity to join forces with Chengdu Vita Medical Devices and their advanced technology and research. We are excited to announce our synergistic partnership, under which we have created the brand – LuccaBlu.