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Chengdu VITA Medical Devices

In 2008, Jerry He, former Chief Engineer of Johnson & Johnson, retired from Johnson & Johnson and returned to his home country of China. He soon realized that people in China had to afford very high medical costs, but products’ quality were far lower than those in the United States. Thus, he embarked on his dream to invent high quality products at an affordable price.

Not long after his arrival back in China, Dr. He met Bing Qian, CEO of Jiaxin Technology Group Ltd. Bing Qian has a strong technical background in high poly material field and established his own special engineering material company in 2001.

Dr. He and Bing began collaborating and appreciated each other’s lofty ambitions. After several meetings, in 2009, Dr. He and Bing reached a consensus to create a medical device company which would primarily research and develop bio-medical collagen.  They planned to utilize this collagen to develop new types of medical devices such as bio-medical collagen facial application, bio-medical collagen hemostatic sponges and bio-medical collagen bone repair material.

In the meantime, Leiming Gu, Sales Director of Johnson & Johnson (China), joined Dr. He and Bing and was fully prepared to explore potential market needs. Eventually, Chengdu VITA Medical Devices Ltd. was created. After 5 years, all products were developed, and now the bio-medical collagen facial application is going through clinical trials in prestigious hospitals throughout China. Full product implementation is expected in May 2016.

Bio-medical collagen has strong effects on skincare, so VITA developed several skincare products as well. Such products include; bio-medical collagen acne-treatment facial masks, bio-medical collagen firming and lifting facial masks, bio-medical collagen moisturizing and rejuvenating facial masks, bio-medical allergy releasing and repairing facial masks, bio-medical collagen toners, bio-medical collagen facial creams, bio-medical collagen serums, and bio-medical collagen lotions.